Good Stuff

Good Stuff

New York City

GOOD STUFF was a highly trafficked pop-up installation in NYC’s Seaport District during the summer of 2019.

The “Home” environment showcased innovative, socially and environmentally-conscious clothing and household items, curated reclaimed goods, and original refashioned designs from independent designers.

We offered drop-off care and repair for the things you love: lamps, chairs, clothing, jewelry, and more. Hundreds attended GOOD STUFF’s curated event series of panels, workshops, and hands-on experiences to explore living well in the circular economy: for people, communities, and planet.

Thousands of people came through the GOOD STUFF doors to absorb its creator Sandra Goldmark‘s vision and mission statement:

Have good stuff (not too much), mostly reclaimed. Care for it. Pass it on.

Read about our project in the Wall Street Journal: The ‘Circular Economy’ Rolls into New York City

Allison Vicenzi was GOOD STUFF’s Resident Stylist, and Workshop Co-Director alongside Linnae Hamilton of ReMade in Brooklyn.

By allison v.

Designer and DIY'er in Detroit by way of NYC

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