Wardrobe x VICENZI

Wardrobe x VICENZI: Fashion rental experience We are now offering Blazer N°1 rentals across the United States! You can borrow for a few days, a week, even a month – and never worry about cleaning or shipping. This convenient and style-minded service is brought to you in partnership with Wardrobe, the leading circular fashion rental app. We added… Continue reading Wardrobe x VICENZI

Good Stuff

A collaborative showcase of living well in the circular economy: good new, good used, and good fixes


Clothing brand with a circular design model and specialized focus on fit and fabrics.

Sustainable Fashion Circle NYC

We co-founded the Sustainable Fashion Circle in 2017, with a vibrant array of members working on circularity, upcycling, traceability, new community-driven retail ventures, et al

Blazer Nº1

The idyllic myth of “The Perfect Blazer” sent me on a two-year journey to design, prototype, refine, produce, and sell this quintessential, wear-everywhere ladies’ blazer.

Love It Or Fix It

In this exploration of taking matters into our own hands, a passionate young designer crowd-sources inquiries from her community to begin researching the problems and opportunities within the fashion industry.