This company, this product, would never have been possible without a list of incredible, generous people and synchronous occurrences over the course of a lifetime, the years 2015-2017 in particular.


This project is dedicated to my family, namely my parents, Ellen and Rich Vicenzi. It is safe to say all past and future projects are dedicated to them as well, in perpetuity and with no exception. For dance lessons and diving team, figure skating and musical theater, soccer and lacrosse and mock trial and summer school in London – you made me believe I could be and do whatever I wanted and endured my ever-changing hopes and dreams until I finally decided where to commit. I am forever indebted to you.

To my tenacious, wise, and elegant grandmother, Angela Vicenzi, for teaching me to sew and thus instilling the lifelong “learn by doing” ground rule to make our visions come alive. You’ve always shown me it takes an idea, a plan, a little elbow grease and a lot of creative problem solving along the way.

To my quick-witted grandfather, Richard Emil Vicenzi. For remembering all the details and finding connections in unexpected places. For phone calls to remind me “Luck is when chance and action meet” and “You’re an entrepreneur. Look like you belong.” For teaching me the art of silence, the delight in being.

To my sisters, Amy and Mary Kate Vicenzi. My favorite models and sounding boards, my biggest microphones and my best friends. Thank you for staying true to your own sense of style and way of doing things. To my brothers Ricky and Tommy Vicenzi for your curiosity and your sharpshooting feedback. Your questions keep me focused.

To all the countless other family members, friends, creative collaborators and business partners I will be sure to thank in due time, when I can find the words. You know who you are, and I hope you know your worth.

In loving memory of JDS, MHS, SMV

Mark 4:19