VICENZI Blazer Nº1 was the first commercially available circular fashion design. Since 2016, every order includes a guaranteed trade-in option.

Restored pieces were returned, inspected, cleaned, and revived to meet our strict product standards. We reissue them to our store, offering access to our designs for a fraction of the original retail price. Owners receive credits for keeping their clothing in the ecosystem.

VICENZI Blazer Nº1 Restored

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Interested in trading your garments? Whenever you’re ready to let go of your goods, send us a note and we will help from there.

Sell/Trade Process:

  1. You submit item, including photos if requested
  2. We relist item to inventory
  3. Item sells
  4. We send you a label
  5. You package and ship item to happy new owner
  6. You receive VICENZI Replay credit in your account for the resale