BORO hosts VICENZI Remade Collection Nº2

VICENZI is an American Made clothing brand committed to natural, regenerative materials and a circular supply chain. For this latest Remade collection, available exclusively at BORO in Detroit and online at, designer Allison Vicenzi utilized natural dyeing with indigo, madder, zinnia, turmeric, avocado, and marigold; hand embroidery; carved wooden block printing with eco-inks; and sewing reworks… Continue reading BORO hosts VICENZI Remade Collection Nº2

Privileged to choose

Nearly three years ago, I chose to rebuild my life. Changed career paths, gave up my much-loved apartment in Brooklyn, donated, swapped or sold most of my wardrobe. Made new friends and deliberately reconnected with some I’d fallen out of touch with. I joined professional groups, created more, wrote more (and deep-sixed more). Experimented on… Continue reading Privileged to choose

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Design Philosophy

Why and How We Work Design Ethos VICENZI explores ways to make beautiful and thoughtful things, to help humans and nature connect and live as one. We started this company as a project dedicated to mapping out a circular design ecosystem. Sustainability is a philosophy and a commitment; circular design is a specific path forward.… Continue reading Design Philosophy