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BORO hosts VICENZI Remade Collection Nº2

VICENZI is an American Made clothing brand committed to natural, regenerative materials and a circular supply chain. For this latest Remade collection, available exclusively at BORO in Detroit and online at, designer Allison Vicenzi utilized natural dyeing with indigo, madder, zinnia, turmeric, avocado, and marigold; hand embroidery; carved wooden block printing with eco-inks; and sewing reworks…

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Kids design a game for their school

Grade schoolers at the Educatio School in Livingston, MT worked on design thinking projects together as a team. For their final project, the kids conceived and launched a fishing game for their tree house space. See how they did it.

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Hester Street Fair, NYC

Hester Street Fair is where we first started selling our designs and vintage finds, in the Autumn of 2017. Saturday Markets became opportune chances for us to collaborate with artist friends by inviting talented creators to debut and share their work at our booth. Hester Street Fair has always been an inviting space for first-time…

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Wardrobe x VICENZI

Wardrobe x VICENZI: Fashion rental experience We are now offering Blazer N°1 rentals across the United States! You can borrow for a few days, a week, even a month – and never worry about cleaning or shipping. This convenient and style-minded service is brought to you in partnership with Wardrobe, the leading circular fashion rental app. We added…

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Field Trip for Inspiration: The Met / Gee’s Bend

File this under: Things To Do After Quarantine EndsDid you know you can schedule a free private viewing inside the Ratti Textile Center at The Metropolitan Museum of Art? Daily weekday appointments are available. With enough notice (at least 2 weeks), you can send in requests to view specific items from other departments, but trust me that the textiles…

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Miseducated Guesses

I wish more posts stated that we really don’t know what the future holds or why we are here, now. We simply cannot know for sure. Science cannot prove anything true. Even the most significant breakthroughs can only prove previously held truths false. Faith, on the flip side, is believing in something unprovable. We search for…

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Our Plastic Closet

Did you know most clothing is made of plastic? Petroleum-based fabrics have been the most popular choice for the past few decades but we are seeing a shift due to consumer demands for cleaner and safer alternatives. This talk goes into depth about how microplastics are affecting our environmental systems, what can we do to…

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Ides of March

Made a new Spotify playlist for March, an undeniably confounding month thus far. Songs I’m “social distancing” with during this unprecedented moment in our history. Discovered through family and friends, algorithms, and TikTok. If you have one you think belongs on this, comment or DM! Keep looking up, staying strong, making things (even if that’s a playlist, or…

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Clotheskeeping Workshop in Brooklyn

Thursday Feb 27th6–9PMat Dusty Friends595 Manhattan AvenueBrooklyn, NY Learn about the art of Clotheskeeping, featuring sustainable laundering and closet maintenance practices for modern and vintage fabrics and garments. We will demo steaming, light mending, washing, stain removal, storage and lots more. Have a special garment with a cleaning or mending problem? Please bring it in…

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