From Sheep to Shop: How We Made Blazer Nº1

Clothing isn’t made by robots in a lab. It’s part science, part art, and almost entirely dependent upon people like us. Agile human hands and resourceful minds keep the process running smoothly, across international borders, with minimal waste and optimal integrity. We’ll use the production process for our Blazer Nº1 to take you on this colorful journey – from sheep to shop.

Design Philosophy

Why and How We Work Design Ethos VICENZI explores ways to make beautiful and thoughtful things, to help humans and nature connect and live as one. We started this company as a project dedicated to mapping out a circular design ecosystem. Sustainability is a philosophy and a commitment; circular design is a specific path forward.… Continue reading Design Philosophy

Is Now A Good Time?

a conversation on working for startups, wayward ideas, narrowing the focus, and the joy of collaborating with others to get stuff done: Recorded in Oakland, CA in February 2016. Interview by William Ehrlich for Is Now A Good Time?