BORO hosts VICENZI Remade Collection Nº2

VICENZI is an American Made clothing brand committed to natural, regenerative materials and a circular supply chain. For this latest Remade collection, available exclusively at BORO in Detroit and online at, designer Allison Vicenzi utilized natural dyeing with indigo, madder, zinnia, turmeric, avocado, and marigold; hand embroidery; carved wooden block printing with eco-inks; and sewing reworks… Continue reading BORO hosts VICENZI Remade Collection Nº2

Field Trip for Inspiration: The Met / Gee’s Bend

File this under: Things To Do After Quarantine Ends Did you know you can schedule a free private viewing inside the Ratti Textile Center at The Metropolitan Museum of Art? Daily weekday appointments are available. With enough notice (at least 2 weeks), you can send in requests to view specific items from other departments, but trust me that the… Continue reading Field Trip for Inspiration: The Met / Gee’s Bend

How to sew a button

Too many garments get tossed before their expiration date because they’ve lost a button or two. Learn to replace your own in this quick video!

Miseducated Guesses

I wish more posts stated that we really don’t know what the future holds or why we are here, now. We simply cannot know for sure. Science cannot prove anything true. Even the most significant breakthroughs can only prove previously held truths false. Faith, on the flip side, is believing in something unprovable.  We search… Continue reading Miseducated Guesses