BORO hosts VICENZI Remade Collection Nº2

VICENZI is an American Made clothing brand committed to natural, regenerative materials and a circular supply chain. For this latest Remade collection, available exclusively at BORO in Detroit and online at, designer Allison Vicenzi utilized natural dyeing with indigo, madder, zinnia, turmeric, avocado, and marigold; hand embroidery; carved wooden block printing with eco-inks; and sewing reworks by hand and machine. Quality vintage items were sourced across the country and remade at the brand’s home studios in Detroit, MI and Livingston, MT.

Each piece is uniquely reconsidered in this process to create modern vintage styles that wear in beautifully over time. In addition, BORO will stock a limited run of our Blazer Nº1, in midnight navy crepe wool and charcoal grey merino wool. Shop here.

Go behind the scenes of our process via and

By allison v.

Designer and DIY'er in Detroit by way of NYC

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