Miseducated Guesses

I wish more posts stated that we really don’t know what the future holds or why we are here, now. We simply cannot know for sure.

Science cannot prove anything true. Even the most significant breakthroughs can only prove previously held truths false. Faith, on the flip side, is believing in something unprovable. 

We search for patterns and past truths to minimize the unknown. We make models, we make educated guesses, we pay attention to try and avoid previous mistakes. A curveball can whirl your way from around any corner. The media speculates 24/7 with seemingly no repercussions, as of late. I wish more people admitted we just. don’t. know.

And maybe not knowing, is not so bad.

Keep looking up.

– allison

Miseducated Guesses (4.20) available here on Spotify

Miseducated Guesses (4.20) available here on Apple Music

By allison v.

Designer and DIY'er in Detroit by way of NYC

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