Our Plastic Closet

Did you know most clothing is made of plastic? Petroleum-based fabrics have been the most popular choice for the past few decades but we are seeing a shift due to consumer demands for cleaner and safer alternatives.

This talk goes into depth about how microplastics are affecting our environmental systems, what can we do to help, and what’s needed in the fashion industry to solve the problem. Recycled plastic water bottle clothes make for clever marketing, but the long-term solutions will be much more holistic – from design to recycling. This virtual meeting was presented live by Sustainable Fashion Circle and VICENZI on April 8, 2020.

We explore ~

– What are the differences between microplastics and microfibers? – When and why did fossil-fuel derived clothing infiltrate the fashion industry (taking over 60% of our garments purchased)? – How do microplastics make their way into the environment + what is their impact? What can we (consumers, designer/entrepreneurs, activists, students) do now in our choices and actions to minimize the harm and avoid adding to this problem? what to buy, how to care for it, questions to be asking.. We’ll explore future-focused solutions, including material innovations and regulation on the fashion chain, from textiles to laundry

Our Panelists:

Georgi Annenberg, MSc Graduate & Sustainability Consultant

Georgi earned her Master of Science degree in Sustainable Environmental Systems from Pratt Institute. Her thesis, Dirty Laundry, explored the potential solutions to microplastic pollution from synthetic clothing for the city of New York. Her research led to collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation and Sierra Club’s Plastic Committee and she continues to raise awareness about fashion’s impact on the environment through articles and podcasts. 
https://ourplasticclothing.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgina-…

Mary Bemis, Founder and CEO of Reprise Activewear

Mary is the founder of Reprise, a line of stylish and plant-based activewear with a mission to educate and empower people on a holistic health journey. The brand exists to offer consumers the best in nontoxic performance materials after Mary realized her entire workout wardrobe was made out of plastics. Mary launched Reprise via a successful Kickstarter in 2018. 
https://repriseactivewear.com https://instagram.com/repriseactivewear

Billy McCall, Co-Founder and CEO of Kintra Fibers

Billy is a materials scientist behind Kintra Fibers, a research and development lab creating 100% compostable and high-performance fabrics—starting with biodegradable fiber which is low cost and performs like nylon and poly without harmful effects on the environment.
https://kintafibers.com https://instagram.com/kintrafibers

Moderated by Allison Vicenzi, Founder/Designer of circular fashion brand VICENZI and Co-Founder of the Sustainable Fashion Circle meetup in New York City.
https://www.vicenzi.org https://instagram.com/allison.vicenzi 

By allison v.

Designer and DIY'er in Detroit by way of NYC

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