#Freestyle2020: Reselling in your free time (Updated!)

Have you been sitting on a pile of stuff you want to try and sell? Let’s do it! Allison made $2.5K+ in the last year reselling things she was no longer using and flipping a few excellent (but not her size) things she discovered when thrift shopping.

So, aside from making some travel-funding / side-hustling / loan-repaying extra cash, why is reselling important?

  • You bought things. You might have worn them a lot, you might have worn them not at all (tags still on, oh boy!). We all have. Shopping is a giant rabbit hole. We don’t always get it right. That’s OK! What can we do now? All we can do is find the next best place for these things.
  • Shopping and selling secondhand is the MOST sustainable way to approach fashion and style. This is worth repeating in bolder typeface: 

Secondhand things are the most sustainable.

Regardless of origin or materials, choosing something that already exists is the easiest and most proven way to get what you need while helping to repair our planet. Reselling is more sustainable than dropping in a bin or at a thrift/donation shop because you are creating value. You are connecting with someone who agrees on the value, and you are extending the useful life of your thing or things. Unless you have a local person or group looking for the items you want to get rid of, actively seeking your donations at the time you are ready to let go, we suggest reselling to keep things moving. It’ll be easier than you think.

THE PROCESS (Read through all steps before beginning)

  • Choose 3-5 items you’re “over” (or maybe were never really into in the first place)
    • Some ideas for what to list: Things that no longer fit you right, things with tags on that you’ve never found a way to wear, things that recall sour memories or that were purchased for a purpose that is no longer relevant to you, things that had a high original price tag that you don’t really love, things you bought final sale and couldn’t return.
  • Make account on Poshmark
    • NOTE: Do not register using your Facebook account if you plan to deactivate Facebook anytime in the foreseeable future. (FB account needs to be active to link to Poshmark.)
    • You can use their app or desktop version for posting. I prefer to list on the desktop and update or reply to “Likers” on the app. I use it on my iPad only so that I am more intentional about when I check in.
  • Take at least 3 photos of each product. We suggest a frontal flat lay, close up of detail, back view. Use a clean background, a hanger or dress form if you have access to one. Steam out wrinkles and remove lint.
    • Did you buy this online or within the past ~5 years? Chances are the e-commerce images are still available. Search for stock photos, save the ones your need, and remember or write down the title of your item in case members search for it by name – include these in the listing. (This is not a legal recommendation ~ technically we do not have licenses to these images to reuse.)
  • Mark any condition or include close up images of imperfections. Don’t let this stop you from listing. Have your starting price reflect the condition. You can always mark it down.
  • Include a photo of the tag with materials and maintenance info and add this line to the notes: “See photos for materials and condition”
  • Follow the prompts for brand, size, color (important for the search algorithm!), set a price, write a short description. EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE. Just get it listed. The goal here is speed, not complete accuracy.
    • You will be surprised how quickly people will find your listing and even purchase, long before you would have thought the listing was “good enough.” Get it up, see what happens, revise accordingly.

Whew! Did you list your items? Send us a link with your closet so we can share your listings and get you sales faster! You can find me at @AVICENZI.

What will you do with your new snack money?

P.S. We want to make this post more visually appealing and useful, pulling real stories from the community. Share your screenshots and progress and we will feature!

P.P.S. Do you have hacks or secrets that worked even better for you? Please share here in the comments or on Instagram @vicenzi.design #freestyle2020

By allison v.

Designer and DIY'er in Detroit by way of NYC

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